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First solid Splinter Cell 5 details emerge

Although Ubisoft insists on keeping quiet about its next Splinter Cell game, whichmight be called Splinter Cell: Conviction, more details have seeped out from the woodwork.

The latest comes from foreign magazine, Magaza Pelaaja (via GamersReports), which reveals that Sam Fisher will once again be going fugitive and operating outside of Third Echelon after discovering that there could be an internal threat.

You start off, as usual, as a Third Echelon agent on a mission to help fellow agent Anna Grimsdottir, who is said to be in danger. But things take a turn as Sam notices he is being fed false or incomplete intel and given the wrong equipment, spurring his decision to go rogue.

Above: Try to stay out of the sun in the new daylight missions, seen here in Double Agent

It is also revealed that, while Conviction will retain its stealth action, it will focus more heavily on daylight missions.

Official confirmation could come as early next week at Ubisoft's Gamer Day. GamesRadar will be there, so watch for updates.

May 3, 2007