First reactions for The Crow trailer are bleak but I remain hopeful

The Crow
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The first trailer for The Crow is out – and reactions are very, very mixed.

In the trailer, Eric Draven (Bill Skarsgard) and Shelly Webster (FKA Twigs) are reimagined as criminals – and its their criminal background that ultimately gets them killed (rather than a home invasion in the film or a roadside attack-turned-fatal in the graphic novel).

The trailer does not look like a remake of the original, but more of a new story loosely based on the same elements from both the original film and the gut-wrenching graphic novel by James O'Barr. As a fan of both, I have high hopes for a brand new Crow story, as it has the potential to reignite interest in O'Barr's severely underrated and breathtaking work – and breathe new life into Brandon Lee's legacy. Other fans, however, don't seem to be convinced.

"This definitely feels like The Crow for the John Wick Generation and, well, we're living in the John Wick Generation. So I suppose that's appropriate for a 2024 take on the material. But there's definitely a certain... aura... that I'm not really feeling from this so far," wrote Bloody Disgusting editor-in-chief John Squires.

Someone replied in agreement, stating, "It’s also yet another trailer that gives way too much away. I feel like I watched the whole movie."

Some fans commented that the trailer lacks a coherent vibe and atmosphere - something that the original did very well.

"Worst thing about the 2024 trailer is that it simply *looks* like a product of its pop culture environment, whereas The Crow 1994 influenced an entire generation of filmmakers. There would be no The Matrix without Alex Proyas's The Crow," one fan tweeted.

"The Crow 2024 trailer abandons the atmosphere and grit of the original and replaces it with uninspired clarity. James O’Barr doesn’t want this adaptation and I don’t think I do either," tweeted another.

"I'm not feeling it at all. Just feels like a basic Sony superhero movie, the gothic atmosphere is pretty vital to The Crow," one person wrote. "This looks like any given basic studio comic film."

Others said they would've preferred if the film was marketed as a fifth installment in The Crow franchise, rather than a reimagining of the first film.

"I think it actually looks good, as a movie. Just not a fan of that look, in general," said one fan. "My main beef is that, other than a loose variation of the plot, it doesn’t resemble the OBarr material at all. I would’ve liked to see this as The Crow part 5 rather than a reboot of Eric Draven."

Some. fans, however, were a bit more optimistic.

"Not gonna lie I think it looks good! I love the vibe of it. But not topping the OG, hopefully it can stand as its own thing," someone wrote.

"The Crow remake trailer didn’t hype me up but still I will be seated," said someone else.

"The Crow remake doesn't look terrible, but based on the (generally positive) test screening leaks, this trailer is primarily scenes from the third act. It's not really an action-focused movie," another person wrote.

"I just saw the trailer to The Crow and I am interested in the movie. Sure it’s not like the original but it is its own depiction. Can’t wait for when it comes out," tweeted another.

The Crow hits theaters on June 7, 2024. For more, I think new fans and old should give The Crow reboot a chance, or, check out our list of the most exciting upcoming movies in 2024 and beyond.

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