First proper Aliens screens emerge

Here are the first screenshots of Sega's awesome-looking Aliens: Colonial Marines. No dirty scans here.

If this is what the game will look like when you're actually playing, it's going to be gal-durned impressive.

The Aliens look awesome, with that Doom III-like slimy sheen, and in one screen you can see the player using a motion tracker while two other marines search the dark, moody corridors ahead with their flashlights. It looks tense.

You also see them barricading doors, and hiding in air vents from roaming aliens, which suggests the game will stick faithfully to the film's notion of the aliens being a major threat that should be avoided (as opposed to giving you a big rocket launcher and sending you into the hives like Rambo).

Check out more screenshere:

Courtesy of CVG

Mar 6, 2008