First Orcs & Elves DS screens

Sept 27, 2007

Not unlike a plucky RPG hero hacking his way through bigger and badder bosses, 2006 mobile phone smash Orcs & Elves is leveled up and raring to take down the big and bad (actually cute and portable) DS. The first screens have arrived, and they attest to improved graphics on the Nintendo portable, as well as alleviate any anxiety as to whether gold, a dragon, and a glowing blue sword will be featured in the game.See theImages tab for all the new and magical pictures.

The John Carmack-created hack-and-slasher, which follows "a young half-elf" on "a quest to expel the ultimate evil" from a Dwarven mountain fortress, fittingly looks a little like Doom II.Unforunately, Orcs & Elves will not feature a little player head on the bottom toolbar which grimaces and bloodies as you take damage.Because then we might all know what the hell, exactly, a half-elf looks like.