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First MotorStorm Devil's Weekend shots

Nov 8, 2007

Get that Motorstorm disc out again because you've got some new content to crash your way through this weekend.

The new Devil's Weekend download content pack has gone live today, packing a whole load of new races and cars to get on with.

"With this new pack, you get 4 new tickets containing 10 races (no time for sleeping). Check out the five new vehicles and one special unlockable vehicle - each one available with three new skins," explains Felice Standifer, senior US producer for MotorStorm.

"We are also including a little belated Halloween treat by including a vehicle with a Halloween skin available to everyone when you update to the new server patch."

The server patch he speaks of will make several changes to the game's online mechanics and control options.

"We've added support for the DUALSHOCK 3 controller with adjustable sensitivity settings, and we've added sensitivity settings for SIXAXIS Motion Sensor control", says Standifer.

"Also, finishing position from the last race now determines your starting grid position in the next race within the same online lobby. Oh, and the grid order is completely randomized for the first race in any online lobby".

So there you have it. Check the shots of the goodshere, then get downloading.

Courtesy of CVG