First look: Constantine

John Constantine - blond, chain-smoking Sting-resembling Liverpudlian paranormal investigator of comics fame - is hitting the silver screen and he's mutated into Keanu Reeves. Sacrilege? Well, better Keanu than Sting.

And even if he's become American and dark-haired, Constantine's still one hell of a cool character. He can see demons masquerading as humans and kill them with special weapons like a Holy Shotgun - a nailgun that fires nails from crucifixion victims - as well as taking short cuts through Hell when he has to.

He's also not averse to a spot of spellcasting, which works by pressing a sequence of buttons within a time limit, and he's even good for bit of old-fashioned mel?e combat - the dirtier the better. We've had a play with an early build and it's coming together nicely - there's great fun to be had killing possessed humans then killing their evicted demons before they can crawl back in.

It's already looking far from diabolical - hopefully we'll get a closer look at it in the next month or two.

Constantine will be released for Xbox and PS2 in February