First generation 5 Pokemon revealed

We've covered some weird goings-on in theWorld of Nintendorecently, but we've also caught glimpses of more specific items of strangeness - rustlings in the simmering realm of Pokemon. Behold utterly random, freaky, head-scratch-inducing items such as...

Bucket o’ crayons
Plain old crayons are boring, but they take on a whole new level of interest when they’re melted down and formed into the waxy shapes of Pokeymans. They come in buckets of five.

Above: The person who made these also makes Valentine heart-shaped crayons. Pokemon are romantic too, aren’t they?

Pikachu mask
Robbing a bank? Remember the three golden rules: 1) get your alibi sorted, 2) make sure your getaway car has passed its MOT, 3) blame it all on a fictional yellow rodent. Hey wait a minute, this looksfamiliar...

Above: Also useful for looking like one of those dorks on thebus/train who doesn’t want to catch a cold

Pikachu hat
This quality knitted item would go perfectly with the Pikachu mask, but you’d have to put up with some strange looks from people. Two mouths, you see. No other reason.

Above: Should we be concerned that this is available in adult sizes but not children’s measurements?

Horsea hat
If you feel silly wearing Pikachu headgear, there are plenty of other options. This one, for instance, is much more restrained and could be worn at all manner of public functions without causing embarrassment. Although you may get confused onlookers asking why you have anOctorokon your head.

Above: “Hello, yes, I’m here to talk to the ambassador about the international trade deficit”

Umbreon fake rice ball
Why would you want to fake a rice ball? Not sure, but the creator of this one also makes them with other characters. A collection of these would look pretty good on your mantelpiece.

Above: Real rice is tastier, but the advantage of this fake rice ’Mon is that it won’t leave a mess all over your shelves