First DMC4 footage breaks out

Hooray! Get ready for the first footage from Devil May Cry 4, the stupendously exciting next-gen outing for one of Capcom's best series.

The PS3 adventure twists the usual action around by putting you in the patent leather boots of new boy Nero and giving you the thorny task of battling son-of-legendary-devil-killer, and previous leading man, Dante. Hit the Movies tab to treat your eyes.

DMC4 is one of PS3's most gorgeous games and the smattering of gameplay action towards the end of this clip demonstrates the kind of eye-bleedingly pretty combat we'll be treated to when the game launches next year.

Plus, with Nero's arm confined to a sling, the trailer begins to hint towards how Nero gained his Devil Bringer ability, and why his limb is pulsating with demonic energy. It also gives you a sneak peek at Variel, a gigantic devil boss that you'll be going up against. And there's a great moment with Nero hoofing Dante in the face.

We're desperate to get more alone-time with Devil May Cry 4, and we'll be pestering Capcomfor another devilish hands-onsoon.

October 20, 2006