First Amplitude trailer shows team battles

Remember back when Harmonix Kickstarted a new Amplitude game? Now we have unequivocal proof that the studio didn't take all the cash and flee the country, thanks to this very first gameplay trailer... not that we had any reason to think Harmonix did (I would).

Anyway, the trailer's just a minute long, but it gives you a good look and listen at how much progress Harmonix has made on the PS4 version of the game since its crowdfunding campaign last year. The simple answer? It's more Amplitude - three buttons, multiple tracks - but way prettier.

The slightly more complicated answer includes the new team play multiplayer mode. Now you can team up for standard 2v2 matches or even sic a team of newbies against a beatmatching master in up to 3v1 battles. You're also welcome to battle it out in classic free-to-play mode.

Harmonix says it's trying to make a game that will be fun for pick-up-and-play partying as well as hardcore competition. You can see for yourself at PAX East later this week, and it's planned for release in mid-2015 on PS3 and PS4.

Connor Sheridan

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