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Firefly Blu-ray competition

Win! Three shiny copies up for grabs

Joss Whedon’s Firefly is finally coming to Blu-ray on our side of the pond this month, huzzah! Featuring all 14 episodes in pristine high definition, back stage footage and deleted scenes, three lucky winners will get their hands on a shiny Blu-ray box set of the unforgettable sci-fi drama.

Did you sing along to Jayne’s song? Or laugh at Sheppard Books’s mad hair? Well you can enjoy it all over again in immaculate quality. If you haven’t yet watched it, boy are you in for a treat – journey with the crew of Serenity, who take on just about any job, whether it’s legal or not, to survive.


It’s been out on Blu-ray in the States for yonks, and now it’s finally made it to British shores. To win one of three copies of Firefly on Blu-ray simply answer the following simple question .


Firefly : The Complete Series is released on Blu-ray on 19 September from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Firefly S_1 (UK):- Produced by Mutant Enemy, Inc. in association with Twentieth Century Fox Television © 2002 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.;

Jordan Farley
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