Find out why you'll be murdering and questing in Minecraft Dungeons

(Image credit: Mojang)

During last year's Minecon, Mojang announced it was working on another Minecraft game, an action-RPG, Diablo-esque dungeon crawler called Minecraft Dungeons. This year's Minecon gave us a closer look at what that game will entail, as Mojang dropped around four minutes of gameplay footage. Check out the cinematic trailer below. 

While the original Minecraft is a plotless building and farming romp, Minecraft Dungeons has a fully fleshed out story, complete with draconian rulers and magical orbs. In the trailer, we meet an Illager who was cast out by his people and travels far and wide looking for a new place to call home. He's turned away everywhere, however, and forges on fueled entirely by rage before discovering the Orb of Dominance, which turns him into a powerful sorcerer. He returns to society and makes them all bend the knee, ruling over all with cruelty. 

The trailer asks, "who would have the valor, the purity of heart, to stand against the Arch Illager's reign of terror? Looks like it's gonna be you.

A gameplay trailer that also debuted at Minecon gives us even more info on Minecraft Dungeons. The game will let up four players take customizable heroes on adventures through castles, dungeons, and forests to gather loot and fight evil baddies like creepers, spiders, and skeletons in an attempt to end the reign of the Arch Illager. Different artifacts offer various ways to fight off bad guys, including one that summons a llama that will spit at enemies. 

Minecraft Dungeons is set to release some time in 2020. 

Until then, satiate your hunger to crawl through dungeons with the "strangely satisfying" Code Vein. 

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