Final Fantasy XIV's Naoki Yoshida: "More people need to buy Vita" for a port to be worthwhile

Some slightly concerning news for PS Vita. We sat down with Final Fantasy XIV's producer and director Naoki Yoshida at Gamescom, who told us his game's engine is very scaleable so it can be dialed back to fit lower-spec hardware, which is why it works on PC and PS3. We immediately thought of the other logical low-end platform - PS Vita - and asked how feasible that would be as a platform for an MMO like FFXIV. Here's what he told us:

Naoki Yoshida (via translator): "Technically it'll probably work – you could scale it down and get it running. The problem is that in an MMO one of the most important things is the network and so, you know, if you're in a party with a lot of different people in a raid and someone's on the Vita and they have a very... you know, it's not a stable network connection then you're going to be a nuisance to your party members. So global internet networks need to be better. And then also, just more people need to buy the Vita."

GR: That's very true…

Naoki Yoshida: [Laughs]

Above: Naoki Yoshida with huge concept art at Gamescom

So that's that then. Technically possible, but it would be a weaker version thanks to internet speeds... plus it seems the existing user-base is so small, it wouldn't make it worthwhile. Clearly, that's not what Sony needs right now. The more developers who think like this, the less chance Vita has of getting a large install base. Vicious circle.

Justin Towell

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