Final Fantasy Tactics (Advance) Cheats

Final Fantasy Tactics (Advance) Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by the guy that knew... and told

    Mission Requirements

    In the dispatch missions, if it says to walk around for 20 days then just walk around until your character comes back, if it says to do 4 battles, just remember it didn't say you had to win. If you want to go through one battle without fighting, when the match starts and it's your turn, when it shows your options menu press B then press start and select. Flee, it will let you run away and you'll have one less battle to go through. Fleeing does not work against bosses or story matches.

  • GBA | Submitted by ben jamin

    Easy Good Missions

    When a mission says dispatch, go to where you choose the person to send off. If the person is jumping up and down, they are the best to send. The order goes from best to worst: jumping, standing, using knees for support, and sitting down.

  • GBA | Submitted by aviv

    More Effective Spells

    Note: this only applies to monsters and mages

    There are 3 types of spells:

    Each one is strong against one type and weak against the other, sort of like rock, paper, scissors.

    Ice beats fire, fire beats thunder, and thunder beats ice.

    -If a mage has red clothes, use an ice spell against him.
    -If a mage has blue clothes, use a thunder spell against him.
    -If a mage has yellow clothes, use an fire spell against him.
    -The same goes for monsters.

  • GBA | Submitted by Clan Flames (Rival of Clan Omega)

    Super Fighter and Other Fun Stuff

    If you have Nosada and Avuir Red + Blue, get a Ninja and master Double Sword. After that change to a fighter, and equip Avuir Red and Blue. If you want some good damage, get the reaction Bonecrusher or Strikeback. For fun, name Marche Gaol at the beginning.

    To make other characters talk, go to a mission where Marche or Montblanc talks and don't put them in, instead put other people in. Everyone says different things. Ex: On "Swimming Meet" Marche says, "I'd take a fight on dry land over water any day," and my bangaa warrior says, "A swimming tourney? Leave this to me!"

    For high damage, have a lot of people with combos around an enemy. Take your strongest and use a combo on him. The other characters with combos around you will join in and do extra damage. You can do hundreds of points of damage by doing this!

  • GBA | Submitted by Ishtom the perfect power

    Totema Number Four: Battle with Babus

    Simply wear the Flame Robe, Fire Shield or Mirror Mail and forget about Babus. He only knows Explode and Demi.

    Editor's note: Babus can also deal a fair amount of damage with a regular melee attack, depending on your class/level/equipment.

  • GBA | Submitted by Ishtom the perfect power

    Immortal Dragoon

    Teach a high level Dragoon Dragonheart. It is very cool, he/she will just keep reviving him/herself. (warning: magic doesn't set it off)

  • GBA | Submitted by Ishtom the perfect power

    Nearly Un-Hittable

    Teach a person reflex and give him/her the mirror mail to wear.

  • GBA | Submitted by ShockWave

    Easy Win: Ultima Crystal Battle

    When you reach the point in the game where you must go to a mission in the volcano, bring Montblanc along. If Montblanc has 10 judge points, summon his Totema as soon as he gets a turn. Famfrit should kill all the Ultima Crystals in one hit. (My Montblanc was approx. level ten) This makes a difficult battle no problem at all.

  • GBA | Submitted by Mizatsu

    1st Crystal

    Beating the first Totema won't be too easy, Marche (or whoever you named him) will say, "Oh look there's a judge." So that means it doesn't matter if you win or loose, you just have to try.... wrong! You have to beat him or it will be a game over. You should beat this guy with all the strong people you have, even the weak ones to fill the other unit squares. When the battle first starts move close to him (Totema). One of his minions might do Roullette so it's luck, because one of the people/monsters will die with 1 hit. Bring lots of items with you - X Potion, etc. Go to the Totema and try to attack. Don't mind about the minions. When you finally kill him the mission will be over and he will give his power to you.

  • GBA | Submitted by A-mazing_moves

    Major Damage!

    Here's what you do... get two people (I only did it with two, it might work with more) who both have COMBOS. Make the combo people go on different sides of an opponent. Select 1 person to do a combo, after you press the A button a couple times the person on the other side of the opponent should be glowing or flashing. Then 'Do It' and they should do a double combo! Experiment and you might even do a triple combo!

  • GBA | Submitted by Daddy Jaxxon

    Easily Complete Dispatch Missions

    First of all, to complete missions where only an amount of days are required just walk around and keep away from other clans (unless you sent out an unimportant person).
    HINT: to definitely keep away from clans make sure you stay two blocks away and don't move closer than that. Otherwise they may walk to where you're walking and that results in a battle. If all your routes are blocked just take the battle, place one person and when it's their turn press B off the menu and then press start and select "Flee".
    If you need to battle to get back the person you dispatched, find a clan and have a quick battle, that way you have the person for any important missions ;)
    Also, if you're going to get missions or buy stuff, make sure you go to one of the places you freed; you get 3/4 the normal price.

  • GBA | Submitted by UnKnOwN

    Super Hit

    When you get a fighter, try and make him learn Double Hand, that way, you can raise your attack by 30 attack or more! But that is in the middle of the game.

  • GBA | Submitted by Clan Rykukai

    All Jobs

    Ok, I GOT ALL THE JOBS! * means advanced jobs.

    Human Jobs

    White Mage
    Black Mage
    *Ninja = 2 thief abilities
    *Paladin = 2 soldier abilities
    *Fighter = 2 soldier abilities
    *Illusionist = 3 white mage + 5 black mage abilities
    *Blue Mage = 1 white mage + 1 black mage ability
    *Hunter = 2 archer abilities

    Bangaa Jobs

    White Monk
    *Gladiator = 2 warrior abilities
    *Bishop = 2 white monk abilities
    *Templar = 2 white monk abilities
    *Dragoon = 2 warrior abilities
    *Defender = 2 warrior

    Moogle Jobs

    Black Mage
    *Time Mage = 5 black mage abilities
    *Gunner = 1 animist ability
    *Mog Knight = 1 animist ability
    *Juggler = 2 thief abilities
    *Gadgeteer = 2 thief abilities

    Nu Mou Jobs

    Black Mage
    White Mage
    *Morpher = 5 beastmaster abilities
    *Sage = 3 white mage + 2 beast master
    *Alchemist = 3 white mage + 5 black mage abilities
    *Illusionist = 3 white mage + 5 black mage abilities
    *Time Mage = 5 black mage abilities

    Viera Jobs

    White Mage
    *Elementalist = 1 white mage + 1 fencer
    * Red Mage + 1 fencer ability
    *Sniper = 2 archer abilities
    *Assassin = 1 sniper + 2 elementalist abilities
    *Summoner = 2 white mage + 2 elementalist abilities

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    More Damage

    Attack from the back of your enemies.

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    In Game Reset

    During gameplay press A + B + Start + Select

  • GBA | Submitted by UnKnOwN

    Law Cards

    In case if you were wondering, to use your law cards, press start (when it is your turn) and go to law cards, then you can outlaw or add a law, if you have that certain law card.

Final Fantasy Tactics (Advance) Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by final fantasy fanatic2912

    Easy Abilities

    when your chosing a mission

    go to where it says "requirements" and put an 'insignia' as a battle item and after the battle you get double the AP.

Final Fantasy Tactics (Advance) Unlockables

  • GBA | Submitted by CLAN-EVIL

    Little Vili

    When you Fight the Yellow Powerz, ect., yo then go to the championship. The leader of the Brown Rabbits is Vili and is a sniper. Beat her about ten times and a character named Little Vili will ask to join your clan.

  • GBA | Submitted by COlombianPsycho

    5 Secret Characters

    TO get all 5 secret characters you first have to beat the game. You can only get one of the characters before you beat the game and that's Ezel, but its almost impossible so you might as well wait.

    Shara - Clear the A maidens Cry mission, then enter a town.

    Ritz - Clear the Mortal Snow mission.

    Ezel - Choose gossip in the card shop, then clear the Reconciliation mission.

    Babus - Clear the Left Behind mission, then enter a town and clear the With Babus mission.

    Cid - Clear all 300 numbered missions.

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Expert Missions

    Finish the game one time and save. Start a new game and you'll have a star indicating expert missions.

Final Fantasy Tactics (Advance) Easter Eggs

  • GBA | Submitted by 2GOOD4YOU

    Weird Names

    When you beat the game, do the Mortal Snow Mission. There will be 3 vampires. Check their names - they will be the same as the bullies from the beginning.