Final Fantasy III vs Final Fantasy V - which one rules?

As if you aren't already spending gobs of time filling out your license boards in Final Fantasy XII, now we've got two more Final Fantasy games coming in the span of a week. These revamped re-releases, Final Fantasy V Advance and Final Fantasy III, will soon be appearing on store shelves, both in handy-dandy portable format for you to get your RPG on anywhere you please.

Neither game is very well-known among western audiences. Final Fantasy V has been neglected since its 1992 release in Japan, with a sub-par PSOne port being the only official way to play the game in English. Final Fantasy III is even more obscure, being a game from 1990 that has only now been remade and translated.

These two games have a lot more in common than this, though - They both feature an in-depth character customization scheme known as the Job System. Perhaps even more importantly, they're two of the most influential installments of the series and would establish traditions and ideas that would be greatly expanded upon in FF s to follow. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Which of these two games will you enjoy more? While we might not be able to decide for you, we will take a look at some of the most crucial elements of each game, to help you figure out which one will rock your DS.