Final Fantasy double-whammy on PS3

Immediately after the unveiling of FFXIII, another new title was announced - Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which is an action game from the team responsible for Kingdom Hearts and with movies designed by the people behind the Advent Children flick.

Despite sharing the number XIII, Square Enix made it clear that each FFXIII game is in a "differing world with a differing story" and it appears that FF Versus XIII has no direct connection, stylistically or story-wise, to the main FFXIII instalment.

Above: Hopefully more will be revealed about Final Fantasy Versus XIII during the remainder of E3

The movie for Final Fantasy Versus XIII depicted a man slumped on a throne, inside a skyscraper in a contemporary-looking city. He stood up and moved outside where a number of figures were slumped on the stairs leading to the street.

As the character walked outside, a huge group of soldiers in medieval-style armour - with some not so medieval machine guns - proceeded to open fire on the man. However, he raised some sort of crystalline shield and deflected all of the bullets... and that was all we saw of FF Versus XIII.

Square Enix released no information regarding gameplay, characters or storyline - but what we did see was enough to get us excited.