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  • PS1 | Submitted by Booboy

    How to change the costumes

    When in the ice cavern if you beat the giant monster that the little man summons before the man without using magic the man will give up and will give you an item and run away when you get to deli village and in the hotel you can get changed in to a different costume.

  • PS1 | Submitted by themaster305

    Tips And How To Beat Hard Enemys

    Grand Dragon:
    Steal the Holy Lance from Ark at Olivert and complete the rest until you get to the Lost Continent.Now go to Gizmalukes grotto and go where the moogles are.Go up the vine.Then go out the forest and run around.Now you must have reflect rings or Coral Rings.Dont forget to set the ablity that prevents poison and venom. Have Zidane and Freya attack and let Dagger and Eiko heal.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Zidane

    Killing boss

    Are you stuck on the boss in the Lifa Tree? (First time you go there)if you are, just get Eiko to use her LIFE spell on the boss and he will die straight away! he is hard if you try to beat him normally

  • PS1 | Submitted by Ruskie Maximus

    What is the Hammer for

    There are two things you need the hammer for
    1) to get the secret video at the end of the game
    2) use it at the great synthesist hades to get some cool items

    to find the hammer find all 13 stellazio coins and queen stella will give it to you.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Monkeyboy

    Morrids coffee

    The three coffees for Morrid are in these locations:
    MOCCHA COFFEE:Next to the restorative spring in South Gate where you see the Tantalus Crew in an ATE
    KIRMAN COFFEE:In Eiko's kitchen, Madain Sari
    BURMAN COFFEE:In the card tournament section,go to Dali. Search the desk in the mayors house until the kid says 'zzz'. Then search the stove for the 'Mayors Key'. Use this on the door in the windmill and search the chest twice for some gil and the coffee.

    Take the coffee to Morrid before you go to Terra and the 'Mini Prima-Vista' will turn up in the Tantalus hideout in Lindblum. It will raise your treasure hunter rank. You can find out your rank by talking to the 4-armed man in Daguerreo.When you get to rank S he will give you the 'Rank S award' key item.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Corneilous

    Acquiring the best weapons

    Steiner's excalibur 2:

    Just get to the terrace in memoria in 12 hours(from the beginning of the game) and search the platform for excalibur 2!

    Steiner's excalibur:

    Go to Treno and auction for the magical fingertip. Then, go to Daguerreo and talk to the old man on the highest level of the library(near the counter which offers rest). He will tell you his story then handing you the Excalibur.

    Eiko's best flute:

    In memoria, get to the place where a memory of Zidane's shows Alexandria being destroyed. Head towards that direction of the castle. Then search the sides of the path. This will allow you to find the flute.

    Zidane's Ultima weapon:

    This I'm not sure. Anyhow, play the chocobo's game first. After this use dead pepper on where shimmering island used to be. You should be able to get the ultima weapon.

  • PS1 | Submitted by FFIX_Maniac

    Ozma : FFIX's Omega Weapon

    message: Think the final boss, Necron is a push over??? Wait till you have a taste of Ozma, the most powerful creature in FFIX. You may have to complete some side quests first. First, you have a gold chocobo to have access to Chocobo's Air Garden. Go there and ride Choco to the back islet. When you examine the eidolon grave, Mene warns you about something dangerous there and you get a few chances to back out. So fight it when you're ready. You may need the Ultima weapon and Ragnarok. Don't forget to equip Antibody and Clear-Headed and armour that protects Shadow damage. Ozma is weak against wind an holy. Lastly, this boss got 4 great items to steal. I'm not going to spoil the fun but I tell you they're very rare and worth the few turns spending to steal.

  • PS1 | Submitted by FFIX_Maniac

    Final Fantasy 3 music

    After returning to Gaia from Terra, purchase the Doga's artifact and Une's mirror from the auction in Treno. Go to Black Mage Village and speak to the Black Mage standing in front of the phonograph inside the inn. This causes the music to change to FFIII. This special music will continue till you leave the village.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Qztl

    Best weapons

    These weapons are the characters strongest:

    Zidane: ultima weapon
    tou have to take the blou chocobo first, then go to were shimmering island used to be and use a dead pepper and you will find ultima weapon in the treasure.

    Vivi : mace of zeos
    in memoria by the left side of the stairs.

    Freya: kain's lance
    at the right side of memorias entrance.

    Quina: gastro fork
    cath 99 frog and Quale will challenge you for a match, if you defeat Quale he will give you quinas best weapon.

    Eiko+Dagger: tiger racket
    if you have got any dead pepper, go to quan's dwelling and use dead pepper in the window were vivi was found and you will find tiger racket in the treasure.

    Jaffar(the one who was send to kill Zidane and Garnet):rune claws
    it's in some where in memoria i don't know where but it is there.

    Easy way to defeat ozma:

    my way is very easy you even don't need to get your character's level very hight lv 60,70 or even 50 is good enough.

    Before the match:

    if you want to defeat Ozma you need Steiner,Zidane,Freya and Quina in your party members, you have to get ultima weapon for Zidane, there is no need for any excalibur for steiner because ragnarok is enough either, equip demon's mail on both of Steiner and Freya,demon's vest for zidane and pumice piece for quina, make shure every body have got auto life clear headed,antibody,bright eyes equiped in there ability,and the match will be easier if you equip bandit,mug,master thief on Zidanes ability either.

    In the match:

    keep stealing by Zidane untle you take every thing Ozma have then keep using Thievery, Freya use Dragon's crest, Steiner use shock and quina use Mighty Guard and auto life for every one dies,if ozma use dreaded Curse let Quina use his Angel's snack. keep using Zidans thievery,Freyas Dragon's crest,Steiners shock and keep giving your charactars auto life if it has gone by Quinas auto life and if nobody need auto life or Mighty Guard use frog drop, blieve me you won't need alot of time to defat Ozma by thes way.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Zidane Tribal

    Getting Excalibur 1 + 2

    When u are at treno go to the auction house and buy the magical fingertips. then go to the library and give it to the old man. then u will have Excalibur

    To get Excalibur 2 u have to beat hades late in the and then go around the open the chest and u will have Steiner's strongest weapon.

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to beat Ozma&

    All experienced FF9 players have surely found Ozma, FF9`s Weapon, an incredible strong enemy who is almost unbeatable. Heýs located at a island on the back of Chocoboýs air garden. You just have to walk to the pile of stones that are on the island. Examine it and you will be offered to fight it. But you must equip all your characters to their fullest first to kill it. When I killed Ozma, I had in my party: Zidane, Vivi, Quina and Freya. I will show below all things my party had equipped, levels and abilities.

    Zidane: Level 88
    Hp: 6673/6673
    Mp: 323/323
    Front row.
    Weapon: Ultima weapon.
    Headgear: Green Beret
    Wrist: Power wrist
    Armour: Ninja Gear (To absorb Shadow Elemental)
    Accesories: Power belt
    Note: You can of course change some of Zidaneýs equips because they are there to increase strength when Dyne abilities is used.

    Learn all Zidaneýs skills and abilities (Icreases chance to withstand Ozmaýs attacks)
    Equip these abilities:
    Auto- potion.
    Gamble Defence.
    High Tide.
    Bright eyes.
    Clear headed.
    Note: Be sure to have the three last ones equipped to minimize the effect of Ozmaýs Curse spell.

    Vivi: Level 81.
    Hp: 3966/3966.
    Mp: 399/399.
    Front row.
    Weapon: Mace of Zeus.
    Head gear: Holy Mitre.
    Wrist: Magic Armlet.
    Armour: Robe of Lords.
    Accessories: Pumice piece.

    Note: Make sure that Vivi has all spells and all abilities.
    Half mp.
    Clear headed.

    Quina: Level 82
    Hp: 4672/4672
    Mp: 392/392
    Weapon: Gastro Fork.
    Head gear: Holy Mitre.
    Wrist: Magic armlet.
    Armour: Robe of Lords.
    Accesories: Pumice piece.

    Note: Be sure that Quina can all Blue magic attacks.
    Gamble defense.
    Half Mp.
    Clear headed.

    Freya: Level 82
    Hp: 6283/6283
    Mp: 308/308
    Front row.
    Weapon: Dragonýs hair.
    Head gear: Kaiser helm.
    Wrist: Venetia shield.
    Armour: Demonýs mail.
    Accessories: Protect ring.

    Note: Be sure that Freya has all attacks an d abilities.
    High jump.
    Gamble defense.
    Bright eyes.
    Clear headed.

    Before you fight Ozma you must make all characters (especially Zidaneýs) Trance gauge to itýs fullest without making the characters go into Trance. Thatýs important because otherwise Zidane wouldnýt be able to attack Ozma (They donýt reach). When Zidane then goes into Trance, use Solution 9 on Ozma.

    And when fighting Ozma, you should start the fight by using Quinaýs Mighty Guard to improve defense. Attack with Zidaneýs Solution 9 and with Freyaýs Dragonýs crest. Vivi should cast Flare and sometimes be in hold to revive a fallen caracter. And when Ozma uses the dreaded Curse spell, be fast with Quina to cast Angelýs snack to remove mini. If Quina should habe nothing to do, use the spell Frog drop. And if Zidaneýs Trance should weare of, use his skill Thievery. Repeat these attacks and remember to revive, you will soon kill Ozma. Iýve heard that he only has about 55000 in Hp. I wonýt soil the fun knowing what you will receive defeating him. That I will send in soon =)...

  • PS1 | Submitted by Zidane_leo14

    Get Hippauls rare cards at start

    At the start of the game when you are Vivi go to the ticket booth area and speak with Hippaul. He will talk about his 3 precious cards. Before you get your ticket stamped go to the steeple and climb to the top. Instead of climbing away you will be able to pull a rope. Pull it and the bell will ring then a chest will fall down and you will receive the cards.

  • PS1 | Submitted by JRB

    Where all the Settazzio are Found

    Dali's windmill
    Behind Treno's item shop in the slums
    Throw 10 gil into the fountain at Treno's
    entrance 13 times
    Behind the overturned cart near the
    entrance of Burmecia
    Near the statue of Neptune that transports
    the party to Alexandria Harbor
    In Black Mage Village's Inn
    Right side of Madain Sari's fountain
    Below the HP/MP restoring spring in Quan's Dwelling

    Left of the Gysahl Pickle cart in Lindblum
    (during reconstruction)
    In the waters to the right of the entrance to Daguerreo

    Right hand chest at the entrance of Ipsen's
    Chest inside the Invincible airship
    Collect all 12, then search where Scorpio
    was found

    Then return to trento and give them to that lady by the nobles. If you give her all 13 she gives you the hammer. If you have the hammer at the end of the game you see a hidden movie.

  • PS1 | Submitted by FFIX_Maniac

    Renaming Characters

    Tired of that stupid name, Zidane??? Don't press that reset button because there is an easier way. You can obtain a card called, Namingway Card, from Mario during the card tournament in Treno or inside Kuja's room during the sequence in the Desert Palace. Take the card to Daguerreo (South-West of wind shrine where there a bridge leading into a cave in the mountains) and talk to the man roaming the library on the mid level. He will ask to see the card and then be inspired to raname your characters for you.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Zidane_leo14

    Reaching Ozma

    To reach Ozma you also have to see every friendly monster (lady bug,mu,green yeti,nymph etc. After you find then all go to the island in the mddlr of all the continents (where that big mountain is) an go in the forest and look for freindly yan. Then go to the air garden and get ready for a HARD battle

  • PS1 | Submitted by FFIX_Maniac

    Frog Catching

    Running out of frogs to catch??? The trick is to leave a male and a female frog in the pond. They will then reproduce to have more frogs for you to catch. By leaving the gold grog with the male and female frog, reproduction is faster. Also when you catch 99 frogs, Quale will challenge you to a battle.

  • PS1 | Submitted by bryan

    Black jack mini-game

    First, complete the game. Then wait for the Crystal Theme to play, then hit: R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square, Square, then hit start after the noise to activate the blackjack mini game. Now, you can show-off your blackjack skills in the FF9 game!