Final Fantasy 6 in the style of FF Tactics is the one JRPG mod I didn't know I needed

Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster
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Modders are reimagining Final Fantasy 6 as FF Tactics, and I can hear the inner child in me squealing in excitement. 

As RPG Fan shares on Twitter, Final Fantasy 6: Tactics is an in-the-works mod that brings the cast of FF6 into Tactic’s strategy RPG stylings. You’re getting new stages, reworked sprites and skills, and FF6’s SNES soundtrack remixed through Tactic’s sound font. 

While RPG Fan’s viral tweet has brought the project to the attention of many, the mod has been in development for some time. Looking at the developer’s YouTube channel, details first started coming through two months back. That video reveals that the mod is battle rush style, the mechanics will naturally differ, items and basic magic are innate, and that other skills are mostly earned through job points. 

The rest of the trailer shows off what that all looks like with in-game battle sequences, though keep in mind it’s all still a work in progress – something the modders call out themselves when noting that in the trailer that they are aware the sprites need completing. If you’re looking for some more battle goodness, a second trailer was released 10 days ago.

The project's appeal is absolutely two iconic Final Fantasy games coming together, but hey, the simple pitches are sometimes the best. Final Fantasy 6 doesn't get quite as much love as FF7 or 10, but it still gets a fair bit for introducing steampunk aesthetics to the medieval fantasy cauldron – you've also got the big cast and iconic villain in Kefka. 

While Final Fantasy 6 is fairly accessible through the Pixel Remaster collection, though, FF Tactics is harder to come by. Easy enough if you have a PlayStation Vita, though a popular Nvidia leak suggests we might not be waiting long for an easier way to access it. The spin-off reimagines the classic JRPG series as a strategy game not dissimilar to Tactics Ogre thanks to the shared staff and is well worth a play – especially if you like Final Fantasy 16's tale of medieval politics.

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