Final Fantasy 16's Clive actor has been reading your thirsty fan fiction

Final Fantasy 16's Clive looks bashfully at Jill, who is off screen
(Image credit: Square Enix)

The voice of Clive Rosfield in Final Fantasy 16 has been reading everyone's fan fiction about the game – all while jet lagged to boot.

Actor Ben Starr reveals as much on Twitter with an emoji that all but gives away the sort of fan fic he's coming across. As you imagine, the replies are delightful. 

"One of us!" a popular reply declares, while another says, "The devil works hard but fan fic writers work harder". That's about the range you get, with others pondering scenarios I can't mention here without slapping an explicit warning on the article.

In fairness to the man, the sheer volume of Final Fantasy 16 fan fic means he would have come across it sooner than later, whether he meant to or not. Prior to release, one website alone racked up 66 separate pieces of work, many of which are labelled "shameless smut". 

I looked to see how much that number has increased following the big release, and we're up to 123. Scanning the tags, many of them include mention of one Clive Rosfield alongside other characters who can summon the Eikons – I guess that was always likely to happen given Final Fantasy's history and the fact that heaps of burly men are called Dominants. 

This isn't the first inkling we got of Clive's – or Jill's – fan fic potential either. One pre-launch trailer features Clive bashfully calling Jill "milady", and it's all come unglued from there.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 16 has finally debuted the series' most destructive spell - but not before Donald Duck used it in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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