Final Fantasy 16 is the latest venue of the difficulty debate, and players are oh so tired

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Final Fantasy 16 players are hotly debating the game's perceived difficulty, and some are just plain old tired of the arguing.

The entire debate seems to stem from a Maximilian Dood video, a snapshot of which you can see just below, where the streamer argues Final Fantasy 16 is simply too easy. While part of the argument is that players can be trusted to handle more, a second complaint centres around an upper-difficulty option only being unlocked once you finish Final Fantasy 16 for the first time.

Now, plenty of players are railing back against this opinion. The player just below, for example, argues that you need to centre your expectations around what Final Fantasy 16 is. Is it a FromSoftware-like game? No, it's a mass-marketed action-RPG blockbuster game, the player argues.

Another player reckons you need to consider Final Fantasy 16's new direction. The new game has been marketed as a Final Fantasy for newcomers and casual players, that anyone could, in theory, pick up, and keeping this attitude from Square Enix in mind, of course Final Fantasy 16 wouldn't be overly punishing to players in its difficulty.

Meanwhile, others are just tired of the whole debate. Accessibility consultant Steve Saylor, for example, thinks its exhausting to hear players go back and forth on what they actually want from difficulty levels, and thinks plenty of people are just looking for something to moan about most of the time.

The whole argument over whether Final Fantasy 16 needs to, or should be, difficult really misses Square Enix's ethos with the new game. The game's lead devs spoke at length before launch about how there'd be optional items to help players who aren't familiar with action games, clearly looking to appeal to as many players as possible, and it's this mindset that's at the heart of Final Fantasy 16's approachability. 

Elsewhere though, players have been celebrating Final Fantasy 16's inclusion of a queer romance, the series's clearest inclusion of a same-sex romance yet. 

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