Final Fantasy 16 fans are concerned that its epic boss fights are making their PS5s overheat

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Final Fantasy 16 fans are concerned that the game's epic boss fights are causing their PS5s to overheat.

The sixteenth instalment in the world's most ironically named series is finally here, and the good news is it's, according to our Final Fantasy 16 review, "an experience that stands alongside the series' greats." The not-so-great news for fans eager to experience Clive's epic tale is that your PS5 could get awfully hot in the process.

Several Final Fantasy 16 fans on Twitter have said they've had issues with their PS5 overheating whilst they've been playing the latest entry in the iconic RPG series. User @TheSphereHunter, who had access to the game a few days early, explained that their PS5 switched itself off entirely after it got too hot during a boss battle.

User @JustSlaythe had a similar experience. "I also got the PS5 overheating during big fights in FF16," they tweeted. After opening up the console to see if it needed cleaning, they found not a single spec of dust. "First gen PS5, maybe a design flaw somewhere," they said but added that "only this game does that though", which suggests that Final Fantasy 16 is the culprit, rather than the hardware itself.

That being said, user @DavidFulstow fixed the overheating issue with a spot of dusting, so it's worth trying if you're having similar issues. "I did a clean on my PS5 fan and it seems to have fixed my overheating problem with FF16," they wrote.

Lastly, user @Jim_Crikey also experienced issues when playing the demo version of Final Fantasy 16. "I just had my first ever 'Your PS5 is too hot' message," they wrote. "We're in a heatwave, but the thing is, this happened while the FFXVI demo was running."

It remains to be seen whether we'll see a surge of players experiencing overheating issues as the game makes its way to more PS5s, but its definitely worth making sure that your console is in a well-ventilated area and is dust free if you're planning to delve into Valisthea this weekend.

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