Final Fantasy 15 on Xbox One showcases Shadow of the Colossus-style titan fight

Square Enix has demoed Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One for the first time at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. 

Game director Hajime Tabata and marketing manager Mat Kishimoto were on-hand to showcase the Trial Of Titan. It sees main character Noctis attempt to topple an enormous behemoth with help from allies Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto – although (in theory) matters aren’t helped when a party of Imperial Soldiers turn up.

The Soldiers actually have little meaningful effect on the fight, but Kishimoto insists it’s an example of the three-way battle system Square is hoping will reignite interest in its once groundbreaking series.

"It shows how fast and fluid the battle system is," he says. "This is something we could never have achieved in previous titles."

Noctis receives plenty of heavy blows from the titan during the fight – at one point being knocked six ways from Sunday with a brutal fist swipe – but lands a couple of niftily timed warp strikes himself, and is ultimately able to end the battle by slicing off the fallen brute’s arm with a simple tap of B.

There’s more than a whiff of Shadow Of The Colossus about it all, just with more digits flying round the screen at any given moment.

Final Fantasy XV is released for PS4 and Xbox One on September.

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