Final Fantasy 14 will get better textures, resolutions, and environment details with update 7.0

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14 will get a graphics overhaul with update 7.0, and new details have been revealed from patch 6.1.

Square Enix hosted a Live Letter from the Producer over the weekend, where Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida shared details on the future of the MMO. Chiefly, update 7.0 will see a graphical overhaul for Final Fantasy 14. That'll mean higher resolution textures, improved material qualities, better lighting and shadow effects, and adjusted visuals for player characters and NPCs. The update will come to PC, PS4, and PS5.

This is a big project for the Final Fantasy 14 team, Yoshida stated. It's not just characters and gear that'll be overhauled - certain environments and map details like grass will also be boosted by the update. In short, Final Fantasy 14's going to look more detailed in the future.

We don't know when 7.0 will be dropping just yet. But elsewhere in the Live Letter from the Producer, Yoshida revealed that patch 6.1 will be arriving in April, and a special livestream on March 4 will reveal new details on the patch. For now though, we know a new sidequest series called Tataru's Grand Endeavour will be debuting in update 6.1, and then continuing throughout the entire 6.x patch cycle.

A brand new 24-player Alliance Raid series, called Myths of the Realm, kicks off in patch 6.1, as does a new Unreal trial called Ultima's Bane. Finally, update 6.1 will see a new sidequest line called Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures beginning, starring none other than Hildibrand Manderville, and evolving throughout the 6.x patch cycle along with Tataru's quest line.

Final Fantasy 14's free trials are also coming back later this month, Square Enix announced in the livestream.

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