Final Fantasy 14 players love everything about this Mary Poppins glider - except its price

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14's latest mount is garnering a lot of love from players, who're dazzled by everything about  mount - except for the price.

Earlier today, Final Fantasy 14 added the 'Magicked Parasol' and Magicked Umbrella' mounts, both of which let players soar through the sky like Mary Poppins. You can see both the different mounts just below, and there honestly aren't many differences between the two, except perhaps for the width of the umbrella/parasol itself.

The Mary Poppins-themed mount has drawn some huge love from Final Fantasy 14 players. "OH MY GOD I NEED IT" writes one player on Twitter, while another responds with "Finally, I can live my dream as a magical British nanny." Never let your dreams just be dreams, friend.

However, there's been some fair pushback on the price of the new mounts. It turns out each mount is available for roughly $24 right now, which is a pretty steep price for what's effectively a cosmetic-only item in Final Fantasy 14. "god i wish i was a sugar baby," says one player in response to the price, pretty much nailing the general feeling around the mounts.

"Look Square, mounts are cute but not $20 cute" writes another player on Twitter. "14 quid for a brolly" says another in response, similarly disaffected by the new price point. Final Fantasy 14 has always charged extra for optional items like these two new mounts, but it's rare to see the price of such an optional item garner quite a divided response like this.

The Magicked Parasol and Magicked Umbrella are both now available for purchase in Final Fantasy 14 via the MogStation. This should keep us entertained until Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.4 arrives in late May.

Final Fantasy 14 players were disappointed by another new optional extra earlier this year in January, albeit for very different reasons.

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