Final Fantasy 14 devs decry third-party software, no matter what it does

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Final Fantasy 14 developers have reiterated their stance against third-party software, and warned accounts could be suspended or banned for using such software.

Earlier today, a brand new post from Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida went live. Aside from briefly congratulating the first team in the world to beat the Dragonsong Reprise (Ultimate) gauntlet, Yoshida stated once again that third-party software and tools are strictly banned in Final Fantasy 14, and accounts would be suspended if they were determined to be using such software.

In fact, as Yoshida says, Final Fantasy 14 accounts can be permanently banned for repeat offences with third-party software. Yoshida says the developers at Square Enix are frequently asked which third-party software is banned, but since this would simply take too long to narrow down, they've just decided to put a blanket ban on all types of third-party software.

This includes software that allows players to "more easily complete content," the modification of the game's UI to display "additional information," the use of packet spoofing tools, and finally any actions or statements that promote such software. That's quite a wide swathe of third-party software that falls under this remit, but remember this isn't the extent to which third-party software can influence Final Fantasy 14. As Yoshida points to, there's all sorts of different third-party tools out there for Final Fantasy 14, which can manipulate the game in endless ways. 

Additionally though, Yoshida reveals that the team is actually cracking down on an insider. In the aforementioned race for the world's first Dragonsong Respire (Ultimate) achievement, a screenshot of a phase not yet reached by any teams leaked online, and Square Enix believes this came from an insider. They're currently in the process of tracking down the leaker, which Yoshida describes as "utterly unacceptable."

Yoshida rounds out the message by thanking players for making Final Fantasy 14 the "titan" it is today, but with plenty more eyes on the game, the developer is forced to extend measures against game-influencing tech. Final Fantasy 14 might have reached previously-unassailable heights for the series, but it's not without those that wish to datamine content and manipulate it to their own liking.

Last month in April, Yoshida penned a community letter promising to fix the in-game Final Fantasy 14 housing crisis.

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