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  • GBA | Submitted by corey blauvelt

    Escape Chaos Shrine at Chaos' Lair

    When you get warped back 2000 years, and you can't find a way out (because there is none), go to the floor where you fight Tiamat. You should fight some purple worm-like monsters. Keep fighting them until you get an item called emergency exit. Use it and you will teleport out of the Shrine!

  • GBA | Submitted by Chris

    Best Balanced Party

    First choose either a warrior, monk, or red mage. Warriors are well rounded and can deal large amounts of damage. When upgraded to a knight they can learn white magic spells up to lv.3. Monks aren't much at first and can't equip much armor or weapons. Once they reach a higher lv. their bear hands will deal damage stronger than most weapon strikes. Although they gain plenty of HP their defense is low. Red mages are pretty balanced. Then choose a thief for better battle luck such as fleeing and striking first. Then choose a black mage. Black mages learn a lot of devastating spells, some of which can hit multiple targets. Then finish the party with a white mage. They can learn more than valuable healing spells like "life" and some spells that are deadly against undead monsters.

  • GBA | Submitted by Brian

    Get airship Fast

    Get the levistone out of the Ice Cave in the continent of the Crescent Lake...

    First you must defeat the Earth Fiend, after you accomplish that go talk to one of the 12 sages in Crescent Lake. He will then give you a canoe and that will enable you to get to the Fire Fiend and the Ice Cave on that Continent. After you defeat the Fire Fiend go to the Ice cave and Explore untill you get the Levistone.. After the Levistone travel to the Continent to the North of Crescent Lake. There you will find a very large desert. Travel to this desert and explore. ( YOU WILL NEED THE LEVISTONE FOR THIS PART) You will then get the airship. I was able to get this at about the 6th hour of gameplay. Once you have the airship you are capable of changing your character class and this is a very important and very smart play to get this done as early as possible.

  • GBA | Submitted by ghEEd

    Rosetta stone

    First make sure you have at least 40 000 gil, you will need these. Then go to the desert to the left of Onrac. Walk up besides the forest and go into the tent. Now purchase the bottled fairy. Take the fairy to Gaia(on the northern tip of the continent to the left of Onrac). She will fly out of the bottle, then go to their spring and talk to her. She will retrieve some Oxyale for you. Now go to Onrac again. Talk to the girl that stands infront of the submarine. She will disappear. Now you can use the submarine to go down to the Sunken Ruins. In the Sunken Ruins you will find both the Rosetta stone and the Fiend of Water. When you've found the Rosetta stone go up to onrac again, then get on your airship. Fly to melmond and talk to the guy that stands at the graves. He will get exited and learn you Lufenian(Or something like that..) language. This is the language that the people of Lufenia speaks. Go to Lufenia and talk to the townsfolk. One will give you a bell that grants you entrance to the Mirage Tower.

  • GBA | Submitted by ghEEd

    How to easily defeat Fiends

    I did this with a team consisting of a Warrior, Redmage, Monk and a Whitemage. What you do is getting the following spells: Haste, Invis and Temper. It is a good idea to get protect, although it isn't needed. A Redmage can learn all these spells. Then you just get your Redmage(or Whitemage) to cast all these spells on your Warrior. He will generally do above 350 damage per hit.
    Extra: When I finished the Bahamut quest(see below) I tried this strategy on my Master(Monk) and he did over 850 damage!

  • GBA | Submitted by ghEEd


    When you defeated the Fiend of Earth go to Crescent Lake and talk to the sages(If you don't know where they are go to the right into the woods and there they are). You should now be given a canoe of one of the sages. This is supposed to be used to go kill the Fiend of Fire, well dont. now go to the spot marked on the worldmap thats over Mount Gulg(thats to the right of crescent lake). When you're there, enter the Cave of Ice and walk until you find the levistone. You can't reach it at this point because of the cracks. Just walk onto any crack(if you don't want the treasure first). When you've fell down go down and then right(or one step more down, I don't remember exactly) until you find a stair. Walk up the stair and go out from the room you've entered. Now in that room walk down and right into another room. Save at this point if you havn't. Walk on a crack and pray that you get the right one. I made this at my first try so i don't know if you can go wrong, but you can't be too careful. Get the levistone and walk on a crack. Get up in the room but this time walk up and right, aaah freedom! Now to the fun part! Go to the desert below Crescent Lake(Ryukahn Desert) and walk into it. You should be seeing a small cinematic where you see the sands widen and a airship come out. Tadaa, there's your airship! While in the air you wont get attacked.

  • GBA | Submitted by ghEEd

    Bahamut quest

    This is the quest to upgrade you charachters. When you've got the airship(see below) take your airship to the Dragon Caves, look at the world map to se where they are(It's the small ilands clustered together). Then go to the top left one, in the lower hole and proceed until you reach Bahamut. He speaks of a token of your courage. Get up from the cave and get into the airship. It's a good idea to visit all caves, there are some very nice treasures. When you're done with all the caves get into the airship and fly east, to the large island. When flying over it you should see a castle, if not then check your worldmap. That castle is the Citadel of Trials. Land as close as you can to the castle and get in. Finish the trials(it's just two) and sit down on the throne. You will be given a rat's tail. Fly to Bahamuts lair again, and speak to him. He will now evolve your charchters!

  • GBA | Submitted by Roger Burkhart

    Easy Way To Beat Garland

    I've found out that the easiest way to beat Garland is to fight enough battles so that you have enough gil to buy all of the armor for everybody, that way when he hits you, he only does 1 or 2 damage to you. It will also help if you buy the best weapons for everybody so you can defeat him quicker.

Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Unlockables

  • GBA | Submitted by corey blauvelt

    Final Fantasy 2: Magic Vendor

    In the Jade Passage at the part with the waterfalls, at the very last set of them, if you go to the right of the left, keep going until you stop.Then hit the talk button and you should find a secret man selling spells.

  • GBA | Submitted by corey blauvelt

    Final Fantasy 2: Toad Minigame

    Get your toad spell to lvl 16, then get on the ice sled. Follow the directions to get to the normal minigame, but this time, the images on the cards will be the image of the characters turned into toads! You can get even better items and weapons from this game.

  • GBA | Submitted by Anonymous

    Final Fantasy 2: Soul of Rebirth Mode

    After you beat the last boss, you will unlock spirit mode. In spirit mode, you get to play with the friends that died on your journey. They'll end up in the Jade Passage.

  • GBA | Submitted by *** S Man ***

    Unlock Sound Test

    When you beat the whole game (final fantasy 1 & 2) you will unlock the sound test which contains audio from the game.

Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Advent_Child

    Secret Boat Puzzle Mini Game "Concentration"

    To get a secret puzzle mini game "Concentration", go on the boat and hold down the A button and tap the B button 22 times, if you do this, a secret mini game will start.

    in FFII, get in your snow sled and do the same thing. it will be like memory, and gets you gil and items.

  • GBA | Submitted by gex333

    Final Fantasy 1: Bloodswords

    To get the second most powerful Blood Sword, go to Pavel's house, after your halfway through the game, He will give you all of his treasures.

Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Easter Eggs

  • GBA | Submitted by Nick Day

    Mini Games

    Tile Game:
    In FF 2 there is a match-the-faces tile game that gives items and cash prizes. When you are on the ice sled, hold A and keep pressing B to bring up the game.

    FF 1 Mini-Game:
    While on the ship, hold down A and keep tapping B. Soon, a sliding tile minigame will appear. The aim of the game is to put the numbered tiles in order from 1 to 15. If you do well, you gain items and money!

    Here Lies Link:
    In Final Fantasy I when you visit Elfheim, press A on the left most tombstone behind the inn. It will say "Here lies Link." Link being the famous elf star of the Legend of Zelda series.