FIFA Street hits hot shots

After NFL Street and NBA Street, it was only a matter of time before FIFA Street came along. (What next: SSX Street? Medal Of Honor Street?) But if you've got a good idea then why not run with it? (And boot it between the posts before wheeling away with your shirt over your head.)

So to follow the announcement last month of the latest in a very long line of FIFAs, EA have decided to release four highly polished shots of the game from a unnamed console version. At the moment, the gameplay details are still as unrevealing as an Alan Shearer interview but we do know that it will use the NBA Gamebreaker system of flash moves and fancy tricks, as the four-on-four matches move from the favelas of Brazil to the wasteland of urban Marseille.

With wall passes, a transfer system based on roadside respect and 10 different global locations, FIFA Street should bring the same success of the highway-based hockey series to the world of street soccer.

FIFA Street will be released for Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox during 2005