FIFA 23 is broken on PS5 if you're too popular

(Image credit: EA)

FIFA 23 players on PS5 are experiencing stability issues if they're just too damn popular.

If you've got more than 100 friend on your PS5's Friends List, you could be in a spot of trouble with FIFA 23. According to the tweet from EA's developers just below, PS5 players might be experiencing various stability issues in FIFA 23, and the only solution to the problem is to reduce your Friends List below 100.

If you are experiencing issues with FIFA 23 on PS5, you might have to knock off a few friends from your profile. Here's hoping you don't have to get rid of too many acquaintances to get FIFA 23 back under control, and if you know them in real life, you might want to give them a heads-up first.

It's an absolutely bizarre situation, and we'd love to know how friends on the PS5 can directly impact the stability of a game. This is definitely one of the more technical sides of making and maintaining video games that's talked about a lot less than other areas of development.

To keep up to date on how EA's developers are handling the situation, keep an eye on the official FIFA 23 Trello board for more. It's here that issues are logged and updated whenever there's a solution, and if you're a hardcore FIFA 23 fanatic, it's a good idea to just keep an eye on the Trello board in general for changes and fixes.

For more on EA's latest football sim, you can check out our FIFA 23 formations guide to the best setups in the game. 

Hirun Cryer

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