FIFA 2005: Stars on show

Scholes, Mutu, Keane, Raul and many more are eerily recognisable in these latest shots of FIFA 2005. As ever, the advance towards photorealism throws up mixed results. While the face scans are perfect, there's no doubt that the lack of emotion on show gives the players an eery, dead-eyed thousand yard stare and, is it just us, or are the heads too big? Brrrrr...

Anyway, FIFA 2005 continues EA's slow but steady progress, augmenting its unrivalled roster of more than 350 official licenses with an all-new 'fluid player kinetic system' for an improved first touch and a further buffing of the already super slick TV style presentation, including new in-game angles and 'improved contrast and lighting for players and stadiums.'

FIFA 2005 will kick off on every format known to man this October