FIFA 20 Puzzle Master SBC: A cheap solution for the Squad Building Challenge

When you get to the League and Nation Hybrid category, the FIFA 20 Puzzle Master SBC is one of the most difficult ones there is to complete. You need exactly nine nationalities and seven leagues, with a minimum 82 rating and 85 chemistry, which is a huge pain if you're trying to solve it yourself. Luckily, you don't have to! Our FIFA 20 Puzzle Master SBC solution has a great way of completing it for as cheap as possible, so you don't have to break the bank in FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Puzzle Master SBC solution

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As mentioned before, there's a lot of specific criteria to meet with the FIFA 20 Puzzle Master SBC. Since the reward is a Rare Mega Pack – and it's one of the hardest SBCs to complete at the start of the game – you can expect to fork over quite a few coins compared to some of the other SBCs. Ruffier, Pizzi, and Falcao were the most expensive at approximately 3,000 coins each.

It's also worth noting that in order to complete this, your players need loyalty. If you're unsure what this is or how it works, we've got a handy FIFA 20 loyalty glitch guide which explains everything you need to know, including how to get loyalty quickly. Here's the complete list of players we used to complete the Puzzle Master SBC and how much it costs:

GK: S. Ruffier [FRA 1/France] - 3,300 coins

CB: R. Dias [POR 1/Portugal] - 1,500 coins

CB: W. Orban [GER 1/Hungary] - 1,200 coins

CB: L. Perrin [FRA 1/France] - 650 coins

RM: Pizzi [POR 1/Portugal] - 3,000 coins

CM: M. Lemina [TUR 1/Gabon] - 400 coins

CM: J. M. Seri [TUR 1/Ivory Coast] - 400 coins

LM: R. Pereyra [ENG 1/Argentina] - 1,000 coins

RW: M. Politano [ITA 1/Italy] - 2,000 coins

ST: Falcao [TUR 1/Colombia] - 3,000 coins

LW: M. Oyarzabal [SPA 1/Spain] - 1,700 coins

Total: 18,150 coins

Note: The FIFA 20 transfer market fluctuates wildly and while this was the cheapest solution I could find at the time of writing, the prices may have increased since. For other possible solutions, visit Futbin.

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