FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Guide

The first Solo Tournaments

FIFA 14’s Ultimate Team is packed with enough single player content to keep you occupied and never forces you to play online. In addition to the Single Player Season, which plays the same as Online Season, there is also a healthy amount of Single Player Tournaments. By default there are 14 tournaments in which you can participate. Also, the development team continues to add weekly featured tournaments for you to jump into.

The brilliance of the tournaments are that they inspire you to create elaborate squads. To start off, this guide will get you through the first 5 tournaments. This should give you a good start and have you well on your way to making coins and a great team.

Each tournament features a different set of requirements to enter. The Starter Cup is the first tournament. It is played on Amateur difficulty and upon completing it you will get a bonus 300 coins as well a bronze contracts pack. This tournament has no squad requirements.

All FUT tournaments require you to win four straight games to win the whole thing. Losing will force you to restart the tournament. Each win in a tournament should net you approximately 400 coins. Winning this tournament should be possible with your initial bronze team. So winning the Starter Cup should get you close to a total of 2,000 coins on top of the 3,000 that you get when you start your team. 5,000 coins is a good amount to start a gold squad, and we’ll show you some teams that can be created with that amount.

The 2nd tournament is the Midlands Invitational, which steps up the difficulty to Semi-Pro. If you are confident in your FIFA skills with sub-par teams, you could try going into this tournament prior to building your gold squad. If you can hold off until after you beat this, you’ll have that much more to spend on that squad. With the increased difficulty comes an increased bonus of 500 coins. However there is no contacts pack.

Tournament number three is the Gold Challenge. If you haven’t already started building your gold team, it is recommended that you do that before taking on this tournament. This tournament also has no requirements, but boosts the difficulty up another notch to Professional. Winning this tournament will get you a bonus of 1,000 coins.

The Quad-League Classic is the fourth tournament and it lowers the difficulty back to Semi-Pro, but forces you to use a squad where your starting 11 is made from a maximum of 4 leagues. If you built a squad around a single league, this is perfect. 4 leagues is a maximum requirement. You get a tournament bonus of 700 coins for winning this cup.

The Managers Cup brings the difficulty back up to Professional and awards you with not only a 700 coin bonus but also a silver gift pack. The requirement for this tournament is a minimum team chemistry of 80. If you built a gold squad based off a single nationality or league, you should already be over that.

If you can complete these five tournaments you should have a pretty decent stockpile of coins and should be ready to upgrade your squad or create more squads. Down the line some tournament requirements will make you work a little harder to build a squad. For instance, the Champions Trophy requires a squad with a minimum of 95 chemistry and a minimum of at least 3 different leagues in your squad’s starting 11 and subs. This would probably be best served with a team build of players from one home nation, but you already figured that out, didn’t you?