FIFA 08 PS3 and Xbox 360 developer blog #03

As I mentioned, all of the shooting animations have been replaced. We now have power animations, finesse animations, power-finesse animations, weak foot animations, close shot animations, off-balance animations, etc. We have all these different animations partly for visual realism and partly to educate the user why his shot was off so he will know why it was a poor shot. The system we have created is logical and users will be able to understand why something happened, so in that sense it is predictable but it is also unpredictable because there are so many factors involved. You won’t get the same shot twice from the same situations because there are so many factors at work. At the same time a user should be able to predict that if they are off balance, sprinting and shooting at 90 degrees their shot is not going to be very accurate.

In determining the success or failure of a shot we don’t script the end result. In real life you will actually see shots with error on them actually score good goals. One example we use to illustrate what we are trying to achieve with the shooting system is to look at the fourth goal Germany scored in the opening game of the last World Cup, when they defeated Costa Rica 4-2. It was a free kick from 30 yards out and the ball was laid off for Torsten Frings. His shot actually started off aiming straight at the goalkeeper but swerved away from him and into the top corner of the net. It was like the error on that shot resulted in a goal.