FIFA 08 demo on Marketplace

Sept 13, 2007

EA hassaid that the European demo of FIFA 08 for Xbox 360 will hit Xbox Live Marketplace tonight at 9pm(GMT).

It's been reported that the demo's already available in the US and that there's been a slight delay to the European arrival of FIFA 08 on 360. Not to worry though,it shouldappear later on tonight if all goes well.

"Please note that the FIFA 08 demo will be going live today on Xbox Marketplace at 9:00pm GMT," an EA spokeswoman told us.

We're already being hammered about the PS3 version and we've been told: "The PS3 version will also go live today." Update: Readers are saying it's live on PSN right now. Go see.

In the meantime you can also check out some new PS3 screenshereand some 360 screenshere.

Courtesy of CVG.