Ferrell goes Semi-Pro

Toplining the latest issue of your Total Film magazine, the king of mirth, Will Ferrell set the movie rumour mill straight on one or two issues.

Firstly, yes, Step Brothers – a flick to be written by Ferrell and his Talladega Nights/Anchorman cohort Adam McKay – looks set to start filming next summer. Ferrell and his Talladega co-star John C Reilly will play two spoilt fellas whose respective parents fall in love, putting the mockers on their lazy existence.

Secondly, Ferrell sets the record straight on those pesky Old School 2 rumours that have been chasing him around from junket to junket. Is it happening? Check out this month’s Total Film to find out.

One thing we can tell you is that Will is on board with Old School scribbler Scot Armstrong for his new flick Semi-Pro. The hilarity is set in the arena of ‘70s basketball and will begin filming in Minneapolis in February of next year.