Ferrari Challenge

We also had a little time with the single-player experience. This saw us qualifying for the first race of the season, which was actually quite tough. We got the hang of the track fairly quickly, and posted a time that put us 11th on the starting grid. We won the race, which was in dry weather, then we were sent back to the startline for another race on the same track, only now in torrential rain.

Above: The Ferrari F40 tackles a rain-soaked Spa. Imagine this in 1080p

The weather effects are excellent, and have indeed progressed since the 50% complete weather we saw near the end of last year. Rain streams across the windows of your Ferrari, moving faster as you pick up speed – something PGR4 doesn't seem to do. There are some nice details too, like circles from raindrops being visible on the track when you slow down for a particularly tight corner. The game is probably at its best in the wet, as the car feels more convincing on a wet surface than on a dry track.

For a better look, check out this video, where the CEO of developer System 3, Mark Cale, talks us through the game's features and explains where he feels the game one-ups Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

In case you missed the website link, you can visit the game's official sitehere.

Above: After all the downloadable content is released, the team hopes to have every Ferrari model in the game. The F1 car won't feature at first, but surely it will be one of the DLC cars. Surely