Feel games through your ass, for fun

Every now and then GamesRadar gets sent gaming paraphernalia in the post. The people who submit it assume that we'll write about the stuff, just because we got it for free. In the main, they're wrong. We're not going to give space to a product if it's a) made of cheap plastic, b) a rip off of another product, but a worse execution or c) it's key selling point is it has a fan in it.

Occasionally however, something so audaciously bizarre gets carted into our work area that it simply cannot be ignored. In the case of thePyramatVideogame Sound Rocker it took up most of our available floorspace so you couldn't ignore it if you tried.

It's a bit of a jack of all trades really. First up it's a chair (a bit like the car seat you'd find in a modified Nova). But it has no legs, and a curiously curved bottom, so it's impossible to sit in it without leaning forward slightly and arranging your legs into the 'brace' position.

Given that it's supposed to be used for playing games it seems odd that your natural viewing angle - if you let the chair dictate how you sit - is about 30 degrees above the level of TV.The Pyramat also has a bass bin under the seat: a 30 watt subwoofer that gives you the experience of hearing video game sound through your ass. So you get a combination of (b)ass bin and rocking chair.

Now we've tested this out extensively and can conclude that while the feeling of bass though your colon is not entirely unpleasant for a few minutes, we'd question whether you really want your butt to be violated every time you shoot a gun or rev your engine?