Feed review

Hungry? You won't be. Watch out for piles upon piles of uneaten popcorn, abandoned in any cinema gutsy enough to spew out this revolting thriller. Don't believe us? How about a touch of cannibalism and todger frying, just for starters? As if these stomach-churning cases weren't enough for detective Philipp Jackson (Jack Thompson), he's soon assigned to the altogether nastier "Feeder" website - where browsers pay to see overweight women fed up to gargantuan sizes before they mysteriously vanish.

With its none-too-PC theme and sicko scenes of vomiting, force-feeding and masturbation, Feed was never going to be to everyone's taste. It's just a shame helmer Brett Leonard's desire to shock overwhelms the anorexic plot before he serves up a horrendous climax that will have 'em hurling in the aisles.

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