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Fe stars a cute thorny cub thing in a forest of songs

Learning the language of the forest is the first part of your journey in Fe (rhymes with "May"), a new game from Zoink Games and EA. The inventive new project which debuted at EA's E3 2016 press conference follows a cute little fox cub thing as it wakes up in an unfamiliar wilderness, where every part of the natural world is connected through song.

Learning different parts of the song will let you interact with other animals: the trailer showed the cub going for a ride on the back of a flying ray, and compelling a giant creature to attack an invading force of Silent Ones - invaders to the forest who leave unnatural silence in their wake.

EA and Zoink didn't confirm a release window for Fe. They did reveal that, as one of the first projects from the new creativity-cultivating EA Originals label, EA will let Zoink keep all profits from the title, which is pretty cool.

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