Favourite Bond “ Well, I did like Roger Moore. But I like Sean. He’s elegant, he’s a gentleman and he’s tough.”
Favourite Bond film “I go with the first one with Sean, Dr No, because that’s the one I remember best.”
Favourite Bond villain “Well, it’s got to be Jaws because he was just scary. He was actually a good guy in some of the films.”
On James Blond... “They will shut up when they see this.”
I’d never gamble... “My old motorcycle. I got a 1937. I’m sure I wouldn’t give that away.”

Favourite Bond “Oh, Sean Connery! He looks mischievous, has a sense of humour and is not too wet.”
Favourite Bond film “It’s terrible, I can’t tell you... Dr No... Goldfinger... I liked the one with Pussy Galore... Women. Gold. Lesbian friends.”
Favourite Bond girl “I remember Ursula Andress coming out of the sea. I like Pussy Galore – I remember her name.”
On James Blond... “For me, he’s not really blond. He doesn’t act like a blond person.”
I’d never gamble... “I don’t know, a person!? [Laughs]”

Favourite Bond “I think Sean Connery. A mix between sexy man and gentleman.”
Favourite Bond film “I think Goldfinger. I love the song and I remember the girl painted with gold.”
Favourite Bond girl “I think Ursula Andress... Yeah, of course, everybody says that, I know!”
On James Blond... “When I see Daniel come out from the water, I don’t think about the hair.”
I’d never gamble... “I always set a limit. You don’t lose your pants before you leave...”

Favourite Bond “Oh! I really can’t answer that...”
Favourite Bond film “From Russia With Love is my favourite Sean; The Spy Who Loved Me for Roger; I liked The Living Daylights with Tim; and I liked GoldenEye with Pierce.”
On James Blond... “WHAT? Is that what they’re saying? So what was Roger? That’s just amazing!”
I’d never gamble... “I would never risk ANYTHING on a poker table. Because I can’t play poker!”

Favourite Bond “Next question...”
Favourite Bond film “I’d say the same as Barbara. Except I prefer Goldfinger.”
On James Blond... “The first hero that Cubby ever had was Alan Ladd, the biggest actor in America. Nobody ever said a blond can’t be a hero.”
I’d never gamble... “Look, I’ve played with Daniel a couple of times. And when he goes all in, I wouldn’t call him. He’s a pretty wily player.”

Favourite Bond “Oh, Connery. It always has been. It’s like your mother, isn’t it? [Laughs] He gave birth to Bond.”
Favourite Bond film “I think From Russia With Love and Goldfinger are my two favourites. Marvellous villains and iconic moments. Goldfinger was the best villain of all though...”
On James Blond... “Doesn’t worry me in the slightest. Doesn’t even occur to me. Anyway, Roger Moore didn’t have dark hair. He kind of had sandy coloured hair...”
I’d never gamble... “A major franchise.”