Fashion Crime Lord?

And still the chatter continues about the Eleventh Doctor's wardrobe choices.

The BBC have corraled a bunch of fashion tsars to share their opinions on Matt Smith's tweedy time-togs. Esquire editor Jeremy Langmead likes the look: "The cross between rookie geography teacher and Hoxton clubkid works well: a bit of old school time traveller meets modern day adventurer."

Andrew Groves, course director for fashion at the University of Westminster, is less convinced by the bow-tie and bovver boots ensemble: "It seems a curiously British idea to make the lead character in a prime time TV show look purposely and perversely less attractive than they usually are." Ouch.

Head here for the full verdict.

SFX, meanwhile, doorstopped Mrs Edna Chives, 81, of Frome. She told us: "He looks like a very nice young man. I do miss that Jon Pertwee, though. He was da shit, fo sho."