Far Cry Vengeance screens posted home

Monday 16 October 2006
As Wii draws nearly close enough to shake a Nunchuck controller at, we've got new screens of Far Cry's Wii episode, Vengeance - point yourself at the images tab above to check them out.

While visually it's still a little behind the original game running on an electric power station-sized PC, the squint-inducing sunlight effects and rich colours that somehow only Nintendo consoles can pull off are looking postcard-worthy.

Above: Blue skies filled with wheeling gulls are still a rare sight in shooters, so Vengeance earns itself some points there

We still haven't had the chance to feel how the Wii-mote sensitivity has been worked into the control scheme, other than an image of a sweeping motion to launch some of mutant hero Jack Carver's 'feral attacks'.

We're not expecting a level of dedication up there with developer Ubisoft's other Wii shooter, Red Steel - but some surprises, rather than a few gestures thrown in along with Wii two-hand control, would be welcome. Vengeance is due out with the Wii console before Chrimbo, so we'll find out soon.