Fantastic flops

Solid Snake, Master Chief, Mario and Luigi – every console has its poster-boys (sorry girls, the designers and marketers are still striking out on that front). But they cast a long shadow over other titles just as worthy of a look-in: especially the ones that are so different that no-one figures out how to get them into the spotlight in the first place. So spare a thought for the little guys – here are 10 that still need your attention.

Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand
On GBA | By Konami

Only Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima could convince his company to publish a GBA game with a built-in sunlight sensor, but we should be thankful for it. His vampire-hunting adventure is stylish in its own right, but it's transformed by being a portable game that you really have to play portably: your hero's sunlight gun can only be charged with real sunlight.

Even if your Boktai routine becomes something of a full-time job - frantically catching rays in your lunch hour to store for all-night play sessions – it feels like a little ray of genius.