Fans recreate Pokemon Legends: Arceus in Minecraft complete with storyline, quests, and collectibles

Pokemon Legends Arceus
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A Minecraft server has been transformed into the Hisui region from Pokemon Legends: Arceus complete with a full storyline, wisps, quests, and more. 

The KleavorMC server perfectly recreates the Hisui region from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, including the game’s storyline, collectibles, side quests, and more. As you can see from the trailer embedded below, this is more than just a simple Minecraft recreation as the server features several of the game’s iconic locations, dialogue options, NPC, and even the Pokemon themselves. 

According to the video, this is the first-ever server to have a full storyline of Pokemon Legends: Arceus in it, and players can explore the blocky-Hisui region with just two mods enabled - 'Forge' and 'Pixelmon'. The modders behind the server have implemented enough features to keep you exploring for hours including expeditions, an interactive story, side quests, Alpha Pokemon, and much more. Although not official, it's a great way to get a taste of the open-world Pokemon game if you don't have access to it otherwise. 

If you're wondering how the team behind KleavorMC did it, well, they explain precisely how in a Reddit post sharing the project. According to the post, the modders started with a 'Magma Builds' mod map and edited it to look more like Hisui. Beyond this, the team needed custom plugins to "allow for the features that regular plugins didn't have," this includes the Pokedex-like ability that records the Pokemon you catch out in the wild and rewards you with points depending on what you catch. 

Speaking of Minecraft servers, we recently reported on another Pokemon-inspired server aiming to contain all nine Pokemon regions in one playable map. Considering the scale of the Pokemon regions, this is one impressive build. We also recently learned about the incredible Minecraft Hogwarts build that took six years to complete, which is a real commitment. 

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