Minecraft player is building all nine Pokemon regions in one playable map

Pokemon Legends Arceus
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A Minecraft player is building every single Pokemon region in one giant map, and they've only just reached Cerulean City.

Spotted by Fanbyte, TikTok user thechunkyhippo has been posting updates to their giant Minecraft build since mid-July. The TikTok announcing the project promises "every single Pokemon region in one single playable map" that will be free-to-play through the Minecraft Pixelmon mod. The Pixelmon mod lets players add characters, items, and more from the Pokemon universe into Minecraft, including the ability to breed and train 'mons. 


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Thechunkyhippo has been keeping fans updated on TikTok, posting videos of the project's process. You can watch as the first few routes in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green are built before your eyes, or see the layout of Viridian City take shape. As mentioned earlier, they've only just finished Cerulean City. 

Building a fully playable Minecraft world featuring every single town, route, gym, and more from the mainline Pokemon games is obviously a huge undertaking. So it makes sense that the most recent Tiktok from thechunkyhippo is a call for help. The creator wants to build a team of people as the project is "too big for just one person to take on." Thechunkyhippo is taking applications for a team that includes a Pokemon expert to keep the team "accurate to the games," a decorator, a terrain generator, a builder, and a server operator. As such, the creator is asking for Patreon donations to help support the other people working on the project.

Considering there are eight Pokemon regions that get increasingly more detailed and involved as the series has aged and shifted from 2D to 3D, the work is only going to get more difficult. Thechunkyhippo has already had to create workarounds for the original Pokemon game's inconsistencies between the exterior of a building and its interior makeup, so you can imagine how much more adjusting will have to be done once work begins on worlds like the ones of Pokemon Sword and Shield or Pokemon Legends: Arceus

While you're waiting for this massive project to be completed, you can check out the Pokemon Presents stream happening later this week. It's set to show us more of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which I'm sure thechunkyhippo is keeping a close eye on if they have any plans to add that world into their Minecraft build. 

Check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet PokeDex guide for a full list of all the creatures revealed so far. 

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