Fan-made Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer recaptures the sense of wonder you fell in love with as a kid

Both the Pokemon anime and games are family-friendly series about cute animal-monsters that do battle in colorful worlds and everyone learns a lesson about friendship. When we were kids, that was enough. Now we've all got jobs, and it's hard to feel the same way we used to. But watch this fan-made commercial for Pokemon Sun & Moon and tell me you don't feel a little spark of the excitement that you felt as a kid:

What's that you say? You didn't come here to have a bad case of the feels? I suppose another, less sappy and emotional way of summarizing this video would be:

Child evolved to Manwithjob! It learned Despair! But Manwithjob already knows four moves! Should a move be forgotten to make room for Despair? 1, 2 and... Poof! Manwithjob forgot Joy and... Manwithjob learned Despair! Give Manwithjob Pokemon Sun & Moon?

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Sam Prell

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