Family Guy MMO incoming, presumably not for kids

Fox Broadcasting has launched a Family Guy Online website teasing the arrival of an MMO 'game' based on Seth MacFarlane's primetime cartoon series. That's right kids (above the age of 14), the Griffins are going online %26hellip; followed possibly by a few Pewterschmidts, Swansons, Goldmans, Takanawas, Evil Monkeys and one or two Greased-up Deaf Guys.

Next to little details have been revealedon the newFamily Guy Online siteabout the game. It does , however, include an animated Mayor West to keep you entertained for all of 10 seconds, as well as the opportunity to register for a closed beta and earn 50 Clams for your preemptive support. This naturally suggests there will be things to buy, which further suggests Family Guy Online will follow the %26ldquo;purchase virtual money with real money%26rdquo; online model.

According to the game'sFacebook page, the MMO will debut in 2011, with information on the closed beta toarrivein the next couple of months. Back in February, Activision also announced its own Family Guy video title for 2011, bringing the total ofnew Family Guy gamesto two in the coming year. Overkill? Maybe -but at least it gives Fox's news divisionsomething toharp about for the next six months.

We've put in a request to FOX for more information, and willkeep you abreast ofthe situation. Heh...I saidbreast.

Jun 17, 2011

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