Fallout trivia - 28 little-known facts from after the end of the world

The voice of Timmy Neusbaum, who you have to make cry in Fallout 3s Tranquility Lane, is the voice of Cullen Pagliarulo. Hes the son of lead designer Emil Pagliarulo.

Reckon you vaguely recognise the voice of the Robobrains? Thats none other than Wil Wheaton formerly irritating child prodigy Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation and now jack-of-all-nerd-trades.

Mr. Handy and Harold are both voiced by Stephen Russell, who also plays Garrett in the Thief series of games.

At one point, Fallout 3 featured a surgery minigame, where you had to cauterize your own wounds while watching your character scream in pain. The team felt it slowed down the games pace to just heal your limbs.

Meat of Champions is a secret New Vegas perk that goes uncovered in the strategy guides. It was requested by senior producer Jason Bergman, explains Sawyer. He wanted an additional reward for cannibalising all of the Kings of New Vegas. That means getting the Cannibal perk, then chowing down on Caesar, Mr. House, The King, and President Kimball after that, you get stat bonuses for every body you eat. Tuck in

In the original design of the Fallout 3, you were actually able to drive Liberty Prime. You also did battle with a working and floating Rivet City.

If you sneak up behind a Brahmin and activate it, your character will tip it over. Like a bastard.

We have a unique gnome figurine in New Vegas called the Evil Gnome, laughs Sawyer. I asked the artist to model it after our lead world builder, Scott Everts. We like to think of him as an evil gnome, and decided to covertly slip him into the world in disguise.

In the Hubris Comics building in Fallout 3, there is a terminal in the computer games division that contains an actual working text adventure called The Reign of Grelok.

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