Fallout: New Vegas sells 5 million copies, generates $300 million in revenue, says Bethesda

Publisher Bethesda Softworks has just announced a very big milestone for its latest post-apocalyptic simulator, Fallout: New Vegas. According to the publisher, the game has passed the five million sales threshold in a matter of weeks.

The game launched on October 19 to some fanfare and hype, but nothing on the scale of a Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty title. Nevertheless, the cult following for the Fallout series has continued to expand and made New Vegas one of the most successful launches in Bethesda's history.

Bethesda and Obsidianhave managed to keep players happy by almost immediately launching an updated version of their Fallout 3mod tool, and addressing the bugs and glitches that plagued the game in as timely a manner as possible,with continued communication.

Between the standard version of the game and thejam-packed special edition, the game has apparently already brought in more than $300 million in revenue to Bethesda, which will continue to ride the sales wave through the holiday season. It is the only game published by Bethesda for the 2010 year.

Next year, however, will bring multiple heavy-hitting titles including Doom 4, Brink, and Rage.

As for New Vegas, some users are still reporting issues, andBethesda has said it will continue to work on fixing bugs, and plans to release a "comprehensive" patch very soon.

[Source:USA Today]

Nov 8, 2010