Fallout 76 is free to play until next week for Bombs Drop Day

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In celebration of Bombs Drop Day, Bethesda is making Fallout 76 free-to-play for a week on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Other perks available from today until October 26 include a free, limited Fallout 1st trial membership, discounts for the full game, and in-game events.

Bombs Drop Day is the day in the Fallout-verse that the catastrophic thermonuclear war began and the familiar post-apocalyptic setting was created. The actual day is October 23, but Bethesda sees it fit to host a full week of celebrations on all platforms.

The free week includes the base game, Nuclear Winter mode, this year's massive Fallout 76 Wastelanders expansion, and the recent One Wasteland update, which adjusted enemy levels, stats, and XP to correlate with your character's level. Essentially, you get the best and most current Fallout 76 client free of charge for a full week. Though, it should be noted that Xbox players will need an Xbox Live Gold membership to take advantage of the deal.

The Fallout 1st free trial is also a huge value. The membership, which is usually $100 a year, hooks players up with a range of premium features - it's enough of an advantage that it ignited a civil war between subscribers and non-subscribers last year. The trial version doesn't include every one of those benefits, but you will have access to the Scrapbox and Survival Tent. Just log in during the free week and snag the preview item from the Atomic Shop and your Fallout 1st free trial begins.

As is typically the case with free trials, the full Fallout 76 game is being discounted for a limited time. And if you do decide to pick it up, your progress from the free version carries over. Until October 27, here are the Fallout 76 sales you can take advantage of:

  • Fallout 76 – 60% off base price
  • Fallout 76 Wastelanders Deluxe Edition – 50% off base price
  • Fallout 76 Raiders and Settlers Content Bundle– 40% off base price (discount excluding PlayStation Store)
  • Fallout 76 Raiders Content Bundle – 40% off base price (discount excluding PlayStation Store)
  • Fallout 76 Settlers Content Bundle – 40% off base price (discount excluding PlayStation Store)

From now until October 26, Bethesda is also hosting the first ever Atom Pack sale. These are the discounts:

  • 500 Atoms – 20% off base price
  • 1000 Atoms (+100 bonus Atoms) – 25% off base price
  • 2000 Atoms (+400 bonus Atoms) – 30% off base price
  • 4000 Atoms (+1000 bonus Atoms) – 35% off base price

With a bunch of new players wandering around the Wasteland for the free trial, Bethesda is hosting a few in-game events, which run from October 22 to 26. Those include Double SCORE, Double XP, and 25% off Legendary weapons and armor from Purveyor Murmrgh at the Rusty Pick.

If you are thinking of checking it out for the first time, don't miss our essential Fallout 76 tips.

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