Fallout 4's next update will make sure your head stays on until you die

The heady, er, headless days of Fallout 4 are numbered: Bethesda laid out the patch notes for the post-apocalyptic RPG shooter's second big post-launch update today, and they include a fix for players "becoming dismembered while still alive".

You'll still be able to get your head torn off by an unexpected Deathclaw attack after Update 1.3, of course, but it will entail actually dying. Making it through the rest of the game with a Perception score of zero would admittedly be tough, but I'm not sure I approve of Bethesda taking such a hardline stance on body modification.

Other fixes in Update 1.3 include stopping players from warping to a different location while aiming (hey, that sounds pretty fun too), an improved snapping system for Workshop construction, and removing the copper cost from building wires. These notes are for PC, but it looks like the only new features (not bug fixes) for console players are a menu to check the status of your settlers and the ability to rotate held objects by pressing the triggers and clicking the left thumbstick. Bethesda plans to start adding more stuff to Fallout 4 in the future, but we're still in the "fixes and obvious oversights" phase for the moment.

You can check the unabridged patch notes on Bethesda's forums. As always, the new update will be beta tested on PC, then roll out to all PC players, and finally hit console players, likely sometime within the next week or two.

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