Here's what Fallout 4's trophies can tell you about the game

Fallout 4's trophies have emerged from the Vault two weeks ahead of time, giving us our first look at the game outside of Bethesda's finely-tuned hype cycle. You can check the full list on Exophase, but beware spoilers - if you want to know more about how you'll play Fallout 4 while keeping the twists and turns of the Sole Survivor's story a surprise, read on.

First off, you'll be able to join up with at least three factions in the course of the campaign: the Minutemen, a group of Commonwealth defenders including Preston Garvey; the Brotherhood of Steel, a medieval styled, pre-war tech preserving order with chapters stretching from coast to coast; and the Railroad, a group of like-minded individuals who shuttle intelligent android "synths" to freedom away from their Institute oppressors.

The trophies also give you a feel for the depth of Fallout 4's Settlement system, with a trophy for "Benevolent Leaders" who reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement. Even more interesting is the Community Organizer trophy, which is awarded for allying with three settlements; your city upon a hill won't have to stand on its own, though I can foresee your choice of allies causing some complications (do make sure Happyvale isn't a bunch of secret cannibals before you sign that trade agreement).

You'll once again be able to collect a range of Vault-Tec bobbleheads, with trophies awarded for snagging 10 and 20 of them. Since Fallout 4 ditched separate skill ratings like "Small Guns" and "Sneak" in favor of its all-encompassing Perk Chart, and there are only seven SPECIAL stats, it's not clear what all 20 bobbleheads will do - they may give you a special Perk like the in-game magazines, or perhaps they'll just give you a free skill point to spend.

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